Tiger photobombs couple’s wedding photo

Karma and Andrew Madgwick weren't expecting a tiger to crash their wedding. But that's sort of what happened last weekend, when the newlyweds were posing for photographs at their reception at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England.

The couple was standing in front of a glass barrier outside the zoo's forest habitat, passionately gazing into each other's eyes, when a female Sumatran tiger wandered into shot.

"It was amazing," Vicki Boulter, the wedding photographer, told Cornwall's Western Morning News. "We were talking and Karma shook her wedding dress. Within 20 seconds she came over. I think she thought it was dinner. She was gone just as quick but we managed to get the photo."

The pair—who were married earlier in the day in nearby Exeter—didn't realize the endangered tiger, named Banda, had gotten so close.

But Karma, 30, who teaches performing arts at South Devon College, took it in stride.

"A very scary moment and one fabulously unique wedding picture," she wrote on Facebook. "We are loving married life. We are also going to adopt Banda now."

Andrew, a 25-year-old videographer, is even using the "tigerbomb" as his Facebook cover photo.

Karma added: "The perfect service for a crazy cat lady like me!!!"