Two tales of dogs saving dogs (with VIDEO)

Here are two dogs that deserve to take a bow-wow-wow.

In an amazing video making its way through YouTube, a black Labrador retriever comes to the rescue of his two furry friends who are stranded on a canoe in a swift, swirling river.

The video starts with two dogs whimpering aboard a human-less boat as they drift downstream. The location is unidentified but believed to be somewhere in the U.S.

Barks are exchanged between the dogs on the canoe and the Lab, who is offscreen. Then a man yells, "Go in," and the Lab jumps quickly in the water.

The Lab, whose breed is comfortable in water, swims directly to the canoe, which appears to be caught on something.

A man calls out to the Lab, named Robbie, encouraging him as he swims upstream to the canoe and grabs the tow rope with his mouth. Towing the canoe, Robbie swims back to shore.

As the canoe approaches the shore, the other two dogs jump off and all three are greeted by cheers and pats from people on the riverbank.

If that touching tale makes you pause in amazement, here's another feat of canine intuition.

Golden retrievers Baily and Baxter, who are brothers, ran away from their owner, Penny Blackwell of Sandwich, Mass., on Sept. 26, WBZ Boston reports.

The dogs, connected by a double leash, went missing, and a distraught Blackwell put up notices on social media sites asking for help finding her beloved pooches.

After two weeks passed, Blackwell told the television station, "I'd pretty much given up hope that they would come home."

Then she received word from someone who had seen her post and had one of her dogs, Baxter.

Amazingly, Baxter's first concern was Bailey. Blackwell said the returned dog was on a mission.

"Baxter kind of led me off the side through the woods. I had twigs in my eyes and leaves in my hair," Blackwell said.

Baxter pulled and dragged Blackwell to where Bailey was—tied to the leash, which was wrapped around a bush.

"He was jumping on me and jumping on Baxter because he was so happy to see us," Blackwell told WBZ Boston. She thinks both dogs were trapped together until Baxter somehow got free.

"Baxter's a hero for taking me there," said Blackwell, who noted that the dogs endured cold and rainy nights when they went missing.

Hero dogs Robbie and Baxter each deserve a big blue ribbon—for Best of Show.