Video: Race car crash at 130mph caught on video

In this video, car racing enthusiast Peter Tryce rolled his open-top Cobra race car, while driving at speeds of more than 130 miles per hour at the Willow Springs Raceway in southern California.

Tryce was driving with a GoPro camera in his vehicle and captured the entire crash. Thankfully, Tryce was not seriously injured in the crash. In the video, Tryce recounts his thoughts leading up to and during the crash, writing:

"What was that? Something didn't feel right. The car just got real loose for a second, then seemed ok. Then, with no warning, the car veers hard right, just before the Brake Zone on the fastest part of the track. Something breaks in the front suspension or steering. At 130+ miles it's time to start praying. And I did."

His car left debris in its wake for over 500 feet from the point of impact until its resting point.

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