Video: Roof collapses during ice hockey practice

In this video from Slovakia, the roof on an ice hockey rink collapses in dramatic fashion as several players, including former NHL star Richard Zednik, escape the deadly accident.

The Namestovo rink was just over a year old, having been constructed in November 2010. The cause of the collapse was reportedly due to too much snow and ice accumulating on the rink's roof.

Thankfully, the AP's John Belmont reports that no one was hurt in the collapse.

Over on Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog, Greg Wyshynski writes that Zednik, who is from Slovakia, was at the rink to work with young hockey players. And Zednik is no stranger to having survived close calls with death. He's probably best-known for surviving an accident in 2008 when the blades from another player's skate cut open his throat.

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