Video: Shetland pony on the loose in California suburb

In this video, a Shetland pony is found wandering the streets of suburban Modesto, California. About 30 seconds into the video, the pony makes a run for it, avoiding the growing crowd of residents.

Eventually, some college students brought in a snack of hay for the pony, which helped settle him down for a bit.

But then police were called to the scene. The pony is literally surrounded by police cars as he bravely stares them down, snacking on his hay.

Eventually, an "equestrian cop" was brought in to remove the pony. At about 1:20 into the video, you'll see the pony outsmart the horse cop as he tries in vain to wrangle the pony. After two hours of fruitless struggle, a bucket of fresh oats is called in and everything settles down.

Sadly, no one has yet claimed ownership of the rebellious pony, who is now staying at a local animal shelter while animal control officials look for his owner.

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