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Video: Woman ok after bite from zebra during Texas safari visit

Eric Pfeiffer
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The hungry zebra moves in for a snack

In this video, a young woman named Megan is bitten by a zebra while on a visit to a Texas wildlife safari.

Obviously caught off guard, Megan screams and appears very upset over the attack. Thankfully, Megan doesn't appear seriously injured and can even be seen laughing during the final seconds of the video. Zebras are herbivores, so it appears that the Zebra was going for Megan's potato chips, not Megan herself. Still it's a good reminder that you shouldn't leave your windows open while on a wildlife safari, particularly not when you're looking away from the window and eating food.

Though it hasn't been officially confirmed, the video appears to have been taken at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, Texas. Their homepage even features a zebra bearing its teeth with a park gift card wedged between its jaws. Of course, it's all done in jest:

Another YouTube had a far less traumatizing experience at the ranch, even mocking the behavior of the zebras in her video:

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