VIDEO: Bear family's almost unbearably cute pool party takes revenge on Goldilocks

Pool party!

Five cubs and Mama Bear took a swim in the backyard of the Basso family in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, and it is a sight to behold. They were there for an hour, and homeowner Michael Basso caught the footage. Unfortunately, we don't have the full hour of video — but we would probably watch the entire thing if we could, because it is Just. That. Cute. They climb up and down the slide, they grab some kickboards, they wrestle with floaties.

And the Bassos' little daughter can be heard complaining in the background, just like Goldilocks in reverse, that they're ruining her stuff.

We're including video from a couple of news outlets because one has an interview with Basso, whereas other videos show more and cuter bear play. And really, we just can't get enough of it.

You can also see Basso's original raw videos at the bottom of this post.

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