8-year-old girl will solve your everyday problems for a small price

Eve Hobsbawm from London is a life coach like no other — she's only eight years old. While most kids her age make money by selling cookies or doing chores, she solves everyday problems mostly for adults who need to see through the untainted eyes of a child. She even has a website —where she adorably calls herself Miss Evie Mouse — that advertises her consulting services.

The precocious young entrepreneur says her daddy, who runs a tech start-up, has inspired her to start her business. On her website, Eve warns potential clients that she can neither help them with their homework (especially math!) nor answer their existential conundrums. But she's definitely your girl when it comes to daily problems, and all for below $1.50 per question.

Back in December, when Eve was just seven years old, her first client asked her for advice about a really annoying husband. "It all cancels out," said Eve, who's obviously wise beyond her years. "You might do stuff to him that's also really annoying." The client was understandably very impressed. And since that may not be enough to convince you of Eve's exceptional problem-solving skills, a writer from The Guardian put Eve to the test by asking for her help to find his missing keys and for advice on what to serve for dinner with friends. The smart Miss Evie Mouse told him he'd find his keys in the hall (and he did), and to serve his friends spaghetti, which he realized later really was the easiest and most logical choice.

Guardian via Jezebel

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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