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  • Apple introduces the iPad Mini and other Mac upgrades

    Jason Sickles at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    [Updated at 2:30 p.m. ET]

    Check out the chat window below for a replay of the Yahoo! News/ABC News live-blog during Apple's press conference on Tuesday. The computer maker revealed upgrades to its MacBook, iPad, iBook app, and a new iPad Mini.

    <a href="" mce_href="" >iPad Mini? Apple Event Live Blog (9:30 a.m. PT/12:30 p.m. ET)</a>

  • Top Holiday Trend: 10 smart toys for connected kids

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    Is it just me, or do the Christmas decorations come out earlier every year? It's not even Halloween yet, and already the largest U.S. specialty toy store is urging parents to reserve the top toys of the season, or face coming up empty handed. Now, we all know there's a whole lot of marketing hype at play here, but Toys R Us has stopped taking reservations for its own Tabeo kids tablet and the much anticipated new Wii U, due to already high demand. Does that mean there might be something to all this must-have toy madness?

    1. Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Age: 6+ Price: $50 Buy: From Mattel

  • Moon-shaped ice cream insanely cool, impossible to eat

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    Have your taste buds ever wanted to blast off into outer space? Want a dessert treat that's out of this world? No need to try to shoot the moon this holiday season — we've got a scrumptious delight that's sure to please. With numerous apologies for the onslaught of puns, we present to you this: The Haagen Dazs Ice Moon ice cream cake, formed in the shape of the Earth's moon.

    The dairy treat comes in two different flavors: white moon and orange moon. The white moon is constructed of macadamia nut ice cream, merengue, and a coating of raspberry ice cream. The orange moon is layered nutty ice cream and caramel, with a coating of vanilla.

    Here at Tecca, we're pretty torn. The idea of an edible ice cream moon is simply mind blowing, and we absolutely desperately and with all our hearts do want. On the other hand, how in the sweet merciful hell are we supposed to eat this thing? With a knife and fork? That's simply un-American.

  • Official Bieber fan site fined $1 million for illegally tracking your preteens

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    He knows when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good. But we're not talking about Santa Claus here — we're talking about barely legal pop sensation Justin Bieber, whose official fan website was part of a government crackdown of sites that illegally collect data on underage visitors.

    According to an Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report, the company that owns the official Bieber fan club (You can join for just $99 a year! What a bargain!) has been collecting information pertaining to over 100,000 visitors to the site aged 12 and younger. That's a big no-no, and a direct violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. The same company also maintains — and illegally collected data via —,, and

    [Image credit: Daniel Ogren]

  • Rumor mill says Apple plants have started producing the iPad mini

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    Our Apple rumor sense is tingling! The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed sources who claim that Apple's suppliers in Asia have started production on components for the mysterious iPad mini. For an as yet unconfirmed gadget, there has been a lot of talk in the tech community about the specs for the hypothetical tablet. But maybe Apple is ready to take some risks after its iPhone 5 took off with strong sales following its September launch.

    And the speculation keeps coming. The Foxconn plant in Brazil allegedly began work on the parts for a 7.85-inch tablet earlier this week, and we heard similar rumblings of production in Asia earlier this summer. Also, Apple will supposedly send out invitations for the unveiling of the pint-sized device next week. We'll just have to wait and see.

    This article was written by Anna Washenko and originally appeared on Tecca

  • Pop-up ad queen caught by the U.S. government, fined $163 million

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    You've probably never heard the name Kristy Ross before, but we're willing to bet you're very familiar with her work. You may have even given her money. For the last five years (at least), Ross has been flooding the internet with pop-up ad after pop-up ad, all claiming that your computer — yes, yours specifically — is infected with viruses. That's illegal, and it turns out the law has finally caught up to her: The Federal Trade Commission has just fined Ross a staggering $163 million dollars for her crimes.

    The terms of the judgement prohibit Ross, whom we're officially nominating as today's "worst person in the world," from selling computer security software in the future. Though it's admittedly questionable whether what she was selling technically qualified any in the first place. Which is sad, because you can get really good anti-virus protection for your computer for free.

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  • Apple recruiting its retail employees to fix Maps

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    Though many of us like the app and use it regularly, it's hard to argue that there aren't problems with Apple's new Maps application bundled in its latest iOS 6 operating system. Between melted bridges, closed restaurants, and farms being listed as airports, it was all so bad that Apple's CEO Tim Cook apologized for Maps' blunders. So what's the largest corporation in the world to do? Recruit its hourly retail associates to fix the problem.

    The crowdsourcing effort is somewhat unprecedented, and a really good way for Apple to improve its product quickly — at least in the heavily settled urban and wealthy suburban areas with their own Apple Stores. Still, we can't help but suggest that this kind of fact-checking would have been best performed before Maps' public release.

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  • Like something on Facebook, go directly to jail

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    You might want to think twice the next time you Like those Facebook pictures of your cousin's new baby or retweet something funny from your friends — especially if you live in the Philippines. According to the new Cybercrime Prevention Act, you can go to jail if you participate in cybersex, identity theft, hacking, spamming, pornography, and yes, even social media in the Philippines.

    The new law, signed into effect on September 12 by President Benigno Aquino III, is vague in its explanation of what online libel even means. "Who is liable? It isn't clear. The one who made the original post? The ones who share? The ones who tweet? Even you, if you post a simple, 'hehehe,' right? Does that mean you agree?" Filipino Senator Teofisto Guingona III said.

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  • Two enterprising teenagers create a startup for crowdsourcing product reviews

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    We've heard some great stories about smart kids building cool things, but here are two teenagers building a business. Tyler Simpson and Brandon Keller launched a startup called OrbitFront that's designed to connect companies with people who will review their products and get a commission when their reviews generate a purchase. The two founders are just 14 and 15 years old.

    Their thought is that customers are more likely to be swayed by a personal experience than an advertising campaign, so OrbitFront gives retailers a place to find those reviewers. The duo is hoping to list 20 partners and 50 products on their fledgling site by the end of the year. They've been selected to launch at VentureBeat's DEMO Fall 2012 event for new startups, and startup events like that one often generate serious money and publicity for cool ideas.

    [Image credit: Satoru Kikuchi]

  • You can have the perfect cup of coffee for only $11,000

    Tecca at Today in Tech 4 yrs ago

    Coffee drinkers sure are passionate about their coffee, as three engineering masterminds have proven with their newest $11,000 coffee maker, the Blossom One Limited. MIT graduate Jeremy Kuempel, former NASA intern Matt Walliser, and all-around industrial design expert Joey Roth have combined their collective resumes to create what they call the greatest coffee machine in the world.

    The Blossom One may make the most advanced cup of coffee, but we question the stainless steel and faux woodgrain exterior. It's almost like 2007 and 1977 got together to create an idea out of 2017. Luckily, according to the website, custom materials are available upon request.

    [via Huffington Post]

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