Adastra super yacht is a one-of-a-kind aquatic marvel

In the world of boating, there are yachts, super yachts, and then there's the Adastra, a massive, custom built masterpiece of engineering that looks more like a spacecraft from Star Wars than an actual vehicle. Unfortunately, a new class of marine transportation hasn't yet been coined, so for the time being the 140-foot will have to reside within the "super yacht" category, though to lump it in with any other water-faring ride does a bit of a disservice to its creators at John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs.

The massive vessel's unique triple hull design — also known as a "trimaran" — was based on world record-breaking boats like the Ady Gil. But while previous tri-hulls were created with speed, fuel efficiency, and weight in mind, the Adastra mixes its braun with beauty. Featuring a luxurious interior, complete with dinning area, fancy sleeping spaces, and even a bathroom and shower, the brand new barge is both easy on the gas and the eyes.

The ship features a master cabin as well as two guest cabins that will comfortably house a total of nine guests, crew quarters for up to six, and a plethora of deck space for taking in the sights.

Designed and built over a span of five years, virtually every aspect of the Adastra's construction keeps its weight to a minimum while still being eye-catching. Its hardwood cabinetry is crafted of fine, light-weight oak with honeycomb pockets, while important hardware like the hatch and ladders are made of ultra-strong carbon fiber which are just a fraction of the weight of steel components.

The Adastra's top speed hovers around 22 knots, giving it considerable get-up-and-go for a personal luxury yacht, while its fuel-sipping, 1,150hp Caterpillar engine allows it to travel 4,000 miles in a single trip. If you're looking to get your hands on the Adastra, you're out of luck: There's just one of these remarkable vessels in the world, and it's already spoken for.

[Image credits: John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs (Exterior styling and architecture), Orion Shuttleworth Design (Exterior styling), Applied Structural Technologies (Structural design), Jepsen Design (Interior design), McConaghy Boats (Builders)]

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