Adobe Flash exploit allows websites to access your webcam without permission

Your webcam can be a powerful tool for communicating with loved ones or even having a conversation with a world-famous luminary. But when that power is put into someone else's hands, it can have dire consequences. A new exploit of Adobe's Flash media application could potentially allow websites to access your webcam without your permission, opening the door for any number of unseemly people to peer into your world.

The exploit — which only affects Macs thus far — can be performed on web surfers using Safari and Firefox web browsers. The gaping hole in Adobe's security features was discovered by a Stanford computer science major named Feross Aboukhadijeh, who brought it to the attention of Adobe. After weeks without a response, Aboukhadijeh decided to make the glitch publicly known, in an attempt to force Adobe's hand. His plan worked, and Adobe released a statement saying they were working on the problem, and the fix wouldn't require a Flash update.

In the video above, the intrepid college student showcases just how the exploit can be performed, calling attention to a gap in Adobe's coding that was somehow completely overlooked. This unfortunate oversight is just another reminder than no matter how secure your computer may seem, your safety is ultimately in the hands of the people behind the scenes.

This article originally appeared on Tecca

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