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  • We may never be able to speak with trees, but we can at least listen to their stories thanks to this hacked record player than can translate tree rings into music. The player called Years created by Bartholomäus Traubeck, uses the rings from a very thin cross section of a tree's bark as a music sheet from nature.

    Tree rings are most commonly used for dendrochronology or the method of dating trees. But when you feed the hacked player a slice of the bark that's as thin as a record, it translates the rings into haunting piano music instead. The needle found on typical players is replaced by the PlayStation Eye, which serves as a webcam that reads the rings. The thickness, strength, and growth rate of the tree where the slice of bark came from are then analyzed.

    The final piece is generated when the results from the analysis are combined with data about the wood's texture and color, giving us an overall view of the tree in an eerie, poignant ditty.

    Traubeck via TheNextWeb

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  • An Android tablet designed for Chinese officials without special features inexplicably costs $1,600

    Would you buy a $1,600 Android tablet that doesn't have any special features compared to other slates half its price? A relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer seems to think people would, and released a tablet called the RedPad — a Honeycomb device specifically meant for China's government officials, that costs almost two grand.

    The 9.7" RedPad is a pretty standard Android tablet fare, with 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, which is usually the lowest capacity found in mid-range slates. For $2,000, you'd think buyers will get a top-of-the-line device or at least a few extras. But the only bonus they will get is a rather shoddy looking leather case, and an inscription of China's "Serve the People" slogan at the back of the tablet. The total cost for manufacturing each device is $480, so why it's priced at $1,600 is beyond us. An interview with the company spokesperson, Xianri Liu, reveals RedPad's somewhat twisted reasoning for that price point: the company believes people think

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  • Stretched Audi R8 becomes the world’s fastest limo

    Cruise in style with 7 friends in a record-breaking limousine

    If you're in the market for an Audi R8, you not only have excellent taste in vehicles, you're also probably not hurting for cash. But if you want to add even more luxury to your dream car, consider the upcoming R8 limousine from London's Limo Broker. It's got all the flash of Audi's sexy supercar, along with the title of World's Fastest Limo.

    The street-legal version of the Audi R8 is available with a massive V10 engine that powers the car from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds. The V10 puts out over 500 horsepower and provides a top speed of 197mph. That same motor will remain in the stretched version, and while the company has no official stats on speed, it should have no problem breaking the current limo 0-60mph speed record of 6 seconds — held by a Ferrari limo.

    The vehicle will provide room for 8 people to kick back and relax, and will be available for hire within the next 3 months. In the meantime, you could always rent one of Limo Broker's other ridiculous rides, including stretched

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