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  • Here's something that could make Windows 8 a lot more fun to use — a system that gives you the power to navigate the computer with your eyes. Microsoft's newest operating system isn't commercially available yet, but Swedish company Tobii has long prepared for its arrival by tweaking its Gaze eye-tracking technology to work with the Windows 8 interface.

    Gaze works by attaching an eye monitoring device that follows the movement of your eyes to the computer's USB port. An onscreen indicator appears on the part of the screen you're looking at, and all you need to do is click the trackpad to launch a program or click a link.

    The Windows 8 OS is designed not only for computers but also for tablets and smartphones. One of its defining features is the Start Screen, which you can customize with application tiles and other widgets. Tobii claims that while the interface works well on a tablet with a touchscreen display, it doesn't feel natural scrolling through all the tiles on a computer screen

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  • Print Facebook Timeline business cards (for free!)

    If you're happy with the look of your Timeline, a little self promotion isn't a bad idea

    Even if you aren't a fan of the Timeline, you have to admit that Facebook's newest design is pretty slick. Through a new partnership with Moo, a business card company known for its own fresh designs, you can print your Timeline right onto your calling card — and for now it won't cost you a dime. Moo is offering 50 free business cards with images culled from your Facebook profile (you can adjust most of the text) to the first 200,000 takers, so act fast. You don't even have to pay shipping, which makes it a deal well worth scooping up, in our books.

    To get your very own (free!) Timeline-esque business cards, you'll need to click the Update Info button on your very own Facebook profile, which you can find right under your newly minted cover image. In the following menu, scroll down to your Contact Info box, which you'll find below your Basic Info in the righthand column. You should see a tiny little business card icon sitting pretty next to your name.

    Once you click the icon, you'll

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  • Rescue dogs can show handlers what's going on in places humans can't fit

    Perhaps because it seems that 2011 was a year rife with natural and man-made disasters, inventors have been making huge strides in creating technology to help with rescue operations in an emergency. There's the robotic sniffer dog and the slightly less cute robotic slug crawler vehicle, and now there's PAWS — the Portable All-terrain Wireless System which lets rescuers see what their dogs see as they scramble through rubble searching for survivors.

    Created by UK firm Wood & Douglas, which specializes in wireless broadcast technology, the system consists of a camera that attaches to a harness that can be worn by a rescue dog. The camera sits on top of the dog's head, much like a spelunker's helmet light, with the transmitter on the vest.

    PAWS allows rescuers to combine the nimble abilities of a search dog with the handler's ability to see what the dog sees in real time. It can be used to help find survivors in a disaster situation, for narcotics raids, or searching for fugitives. Check

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  • Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces
    Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces

    By Stephanie Nebehay and Christian Lowe GENEVA/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Foreign ministers from East and West will try to defuse the Ukraine crisis on Thursday in Geneva, once frequently the scene of Cold War negotiations, but will risk being upstaged by Russian President Vladimir Putin. With Russian troops massed on the border with Ukraine, prospects of significant progress at the four-way talks appear slim. By contrast, what Putin says during his annual "hotline" session with the Russian people may have far greater influence on events in Ukraine's rebellious east. Thursday's talks will bring the ministers of Russia, Ukraine and the United States together with the European Union's foreign policy chief to discuss a crisis in which Kiev is struggling to reassert its authority in eastern towns largely controlled by armed pro-Russian separatists.

  • Man allows 72-year-old who unwittingly bought his stolen car keep it
    Man allows 72-year-old who unwittingly bought his stolen car keep it

    Derk West of Boonville, Indiana had his car stolen and then did something very generous when he could have just taken it back.

  • Harry Potter fans open online Hogwarts school
    Harry Potter fans open online Hogwarts school

    Hogwarts is Here, an online educational website modeled after J.K. Rowling's school for young magic-users, is open for currency-free business. Following in the footsteps of the fictional Harry, Hermione and Ron just got a whole lot easier with a selection of nine-week online courses provided by a coven of industrious fans. Students can choose which of the four Hogwarts houses they want to represent -- Gryffindor's popularity is currently oustripping Hufflepuff by a factor of three, while Ravenclaw's girls and boys have proven themselves at earning House Points.

  • Snake’s last meal comes back to bite her
    Snake’s last meal comes back to bite her

    A young viper was found dead with a centipede’s head protruding out of the snake’s body. As reported by NBC News, Ljiljana Tomovic, a Serbian herpetologist, was tagging snakes in Macedonia when she made the eye-catching discovery.

  • UK Doctor: 'I'd Rather Have HIV Than Diabetes'
    UK Doctor: 'I'd Rather Have HIV Than Diabetes'

    Doctor Pens Controversial Op-Ed Comparing HIV to Diabetes

  • Ukraine, US to alternately cajole, threaten Russia
    Ukraine, US to alternately cajole, threaten Russia

    GENEVA (AP) — Ukraine is hoping to placate Russia and calm hostilities with its neighbor even as the U.S. prepares a new round of sanctions to punish Moscow for what it regards as fomenting unrest.

  • Democrats hark back to the politics of race
    Democrats hark back to the politics of race

    So now it's out there. After five years of studied reticence, Democratic leaders in Washington finally went public last week with what they really think is motivating Republican opposition to Barack Obama. As Steve Israel, one of the top Democrats in Congress said the Republican base, "to a significant extent," is "animated by racism."

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