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  • Sony's new handheld gets its ducks in a row ahead of its February debut

    While Nintendo's 3DS will have the 2011 holiday season to itself in the portable gaming market, many gamers are eagerly anticipating the February 22, 2012 launch of Sony's new PlayStation Vita. Now, almost as if to say "Save those gift cards until February," the company has shed some light on the games and accessories we can expect to see alongside the new system when it finally debuts.

    One of the biggest complaints consumers had when the 3DS launched was the lack of quality titles. Sony hopes to capitalize on Nintendo's misstep — and subsequent drop in sales — by offering a ridiculously beefy game lineup available from day one. So far, a total of 25 games — priced between $9.99 and $49.99, though each title wasn't specifically tagged — are slated for a launch day release. And these aren't just throwaway, I'd-rather-be-playing-Angry-Birds titles either; names like UnchartedWipeout, and Rayman are sure to pique the interest of the gaming populous. Check out the full list of launch

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  • The late Apple CEO will be given a Trustees Award mainly due to iTunes and the iPod

    Tributes to the late Apple executive keep pouring in a couple of months since he passed away. After a Mythbusters style documentary, an 80-minute tribute video, an iPad 2 snowboard, and a 7' tall bronze statue, comes a posthumous Grammy award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

    Jobs was recently named a recipient of the Trustees Award that's given to people who've made "outstanding contributions to the industry in a nonperforming capacity." He's the sole awardee this year who's not directly involved in the creation of music. Steve's influence convinced record labels to start selling on iTunes during the store's early days, which immensely contributed to the current popularity of digital music purchases. Not all musicians are happy with what's done, though — Bon Jovi, for instance, thinks that one day, people will say that Steve Jobs is responsible for killing the music business.

    By granting Jobs the Trustees Award, members of NARAS demonstrate that they

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  • A historical item gets a lavish makeover fit for the super rich

    We've brought some exceptionally lavish items to your attention before, from gold-clad cell phones to tablets adorned with dinosaur bones, so it should go without saying that the fabulously wealthy need places to store such items. But, as you can imagine, not just any lock and key will please the world's elite. At least that's what luxury retailer Boca Do Lobo appears to be suggesting with the reveal of the limited edition, gold-dipped Millionaire Safe.

    The one-of-a-kind 19th century treasure chest is actually made of a mahogany, which was then wrapped in brass. The safe's creation dates back to the gold rush of 1849, and since its creation it has survived several break-in attempts — the wounds of which it still bears. It has only recently been completely refurbished and then dipped in gold, making it a historical artifact that only the richest of the rich would consider buying.

    We've all seen plenty of heist movies over the years, and if there's one thing we've never seen, it's a

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  • Van Gaal irked by United's festive schedule
    Van Gaal irked by United's festive schedule

    Manchester (United Kingdom) (AFP) - Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has bemoaned the lack of time at his disposal as he attempts to nurse an injury-plagued squad through his first Christmas in English football.

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