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  • Online bullying is a frightening reality, but you can do something about it

    No one likes a bully. They're mean, they make you feel bad, and they're well known as the biggest drawback of schoolyard playgrounds. For all that we wish they didn't exist, bullies are too frequently a factor when we're growing up. At least parents and teachers both carry plenty of tools and training to fight the effects of playground meanies.

    Unfortunately, social networks bring a whole new kind of peer cruelty: cyberbullying. While the phrase itself might sound a little silly, the tragic consequences of cyberbullying constantly make the news. The heartbreaking suicides of Ryan Halligan and Megan Meier show the deadly results of untempered bullying. Recently, ABC Family released Cyberbully, an educational drama that introduces kids to the very real dangers that lurk online.

    As much as we wish it weren't so, cyberbullying is a real phenomemon, and it regrettably seems here to stay. As parents, we must be armed with the tools to protect our kids from online bullies and their effects.

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  • The hunt for the elusive "God Particle" continues

    The Higgs Boson is the theoretical particle that could — if discovered — help complete the Standard Model of particle physics. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has been using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to smash atoms together in search of this mythical "God Particle." So when the group announced it would be holding a press conference on December 13, excitement began to brew, but unfortunately, the Higgs remains elusive.

    At the press conference, researchers detailed their complex experiments and explained that while confirming the existence of the Higgs Boson isn't yet possible, they are getting closer. With each failed attempt at capturing data from a Higgs, they are able to further narrow down the mass range in which they expect to find it. CERN hopes to be able to either confirm or rule out the existence of the legendary particle some time in 2012.

    The LHC works by accelerating particles around the facility's massive 17-mile ring and smashing them together.

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  • One Dutch digital ad agency gives Google Street View a sinister twist by equipping you with a virtual M4A1 rifle. Yes, the Street View that bona fide couch tourists commonly use to take virtual trips across the globe has become a first-person shooter game in the agency's new viral campaign.

    While Pool Worldwide's "Google Shoot View" campaign may not sit well with everyone, it's pretty interesting how the whole experience feels like a real game: move the rifle with your mouse, click it to start shooting, and walk forward with your arrow keys. While entertaining, it's not Modern Warfare 3 — nothing really gets shot, so the novelty wears off once you're done pretending to wreak havoc all over the world. Or, at least in the places that the agency actually included in its campaign, like New York and Amsterdam. Check out the Google Shoot View teaser video above — you might be surprised how much it looks like a real game trailer!

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