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  • Features that will take the iPhone from good to great

    The iPhone 5 could be announced as soon as October 4. Since it will be the first big announcement from new CEO Tim Cook, we can expect Apple to pull out all the stops to make the event as spectacular as possible. Still, though, all eyes will be on the iPhone's new features and capability. There is plenty of speculation already buzzing about the tech information highways about Apple's new smartphone, but these are the things we hope to see included on iPhone 5.

    1. Wireless charging to go along with wireless syncing

    We already know the new iPhone using iOS 5 can sync wirelessly with your computer. This basic functionality was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. You won't have to plug in that quirky Apple iPhone cable to move music, movies, and pictures back and forth between your phone and computer. Simply bring your iPhone nearby and let the operating system and iTunes automatically do the work for you. It sounds pretty neat, and will go a long way toward making

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  • Car lovers will get to hear every note of BMW's new twin-turbo motor

    While most cars tout their ability to silence the outside world and give you a quiet, relaxing ride, BMW has other plans. For its all-new 2012 M5 sedan, the luxury carmaker wants to make sure you can hear the sound of its uber-powerful V8 engine at work. And what better way to tickle your eardrums with the grumbling of 8 cylinders than by piping a motor soundtrack right through the premium sound system? The company calls it "Active Sound Design," and it's one of the lesser-known features of the brand new sports sedan.

    The M5 is a top-of-the-line performance machine, and its twin-turbo V8 puts out a pavement-peeling 560 horsepower. The car's staggering $93,000 starting price ensures that only dedicated BMW fans will be seated behind the wheel, and if there's one thing auto enthusiasts love, it's the sound of a high-powered engine. To provide the passenger cabin with a suitable motor purr, the M5's internal computer monitors the state of the engine and pumps a mimicked sound through the

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  • Nature can certainly put on quite a show, can't she? Lightning has terrified and awed us presumably since the dawn of humanity, and we've even gone so far as to harness its power to make music. But sometimes it's impressive just to watch it do its thing, lighting up the night sky and crackling down from the heavens towards towers and lightning rods.

    When a lightning storm hits, most people run for cover. When the skies got ominous in Toronto on August 24th, videographer Jon Simonassi grabbed his camera and went out to capture it on film. The resulting video starts with the innocuous drops of a light rain, and ramps up to a spectacular display. The shots of lightning striking the rod on top of the CN Tower are particularly impressive.

    For tips on photographing lightning, check out our our handy guide in Digital Photography 101! More concerned with making sure lightning doesn't fry your electronics? Make sure you know how to choose a surge protector.

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  • Today in History

    Today is Monday, Sept. 22, the 265th day of 2014. There are 100 days left in the year. Autumn arrives at 10:29 p.m. Eastern time.

  • New video shows White House intruder's path across lawn, into residence
    New video shows White House intruder's path across lawn, into residence

    A new surveillance video shows the path taken by the White House intruder on Friday after he hopped the fence, ran across the North Lawn, up the stairs and through the front door before he was stopped.

  • California authorities capture 5th jail escapee
    California authorities capture 5th jail escapee

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A fifth man who escaped a Central California correctional facility has been captured, authorities said Sunday.

  • After August and September markets surprise expect October to buck its trend too: Najarian
    After August and September markets surprise expect October to buck its trend too: Najarian

    September is historically the worst month of the year for the stock market. Yet again that statistical fact has lost you money if you bet on it.

  • Relatives: Vet arrested at White House needs help
    Relatives: Vet arrested at White House needs help

    MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — An Iraq war veteran accused of scaling a fence and making it into the White House before the Secret Service stopped him posed no threat to anyone and needs counseling instead of prosecution, members of his family said Sunday.

  • Philanthropies, including Rockefellers, and investors pledge $50 billion fossil fuel divestment
    Philanthropies, including Rockefellers, and investors pledge $50 billion fossil fuel divestment

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Rockefellers, who made their vast fortune on oil, and other philanthropies and high-wealth individuals on Monday will announce pledges to divest a total of $50 billion from fossil fuel investments. The Global Divest-Invest coalition will announce new pledges and members one day before 120 heads of state address the United Nations on how their countries will contribute to a global effort to halt a dangerous rise in temperatures. ...

  • Climate protesters to risk arrest during Wall Street sit-in

    By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hundreds of protesters assembled in New York City's financial district on Monday, with some planning to risk arrest during an unsanctioned blockade on Wall Street to call attention to what organizers say is capitalism's contribution to climate change. The Flood Wall Street demonstration comes on the heels of Sunday's international day of action that brought some 310,000 people to the streets of New York City in the largest single protest ever held on over climate change. ...

  • Syrian Kurds in Turkey recount Islamic State terror
    Syrian Kurds in Turkey recount Islamic State terror

    Mursitpinar (Turkey) (AFP) - They look like mere shadows under the trees, but then the red dust clears and the huddled shapes reveal themselves as a handful of the tens of thousands of Kurds fleeing the Islamic State group in Syria.

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