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  • Math class just got a whole lot easier

    If you think Google's search engine is only good for finding cute cat videos or hunting down other people with the same name as you, think again: The company has just launched a built-in scientific calculator to the list of tricks its search feature can pull off.

    Ok, the calculator functionality isn't exactly brand new — you've been able to type equations into the search bar and have Google give you the result for some time now. What is new, however, is a full calculator keypad that pops up as soon as the search engine realizes you need a little bit of math help. Simply type "calculator" into the search bar and the new 34-button interface pops up instantly.

    You can even use the speech recognition function built into Google to produce math results without ever touching a key — a feature that will undoubtedly come in handy for hasty homework sessions. In fact, the intuitive math tool even works on mobile browsers, meaning you now have a free alternative if your smarphone's built-in

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  • Paint absorbs harmful chemicals and can be easily scrubbed off of vehicles

    The possible use of chemical weapons in war is something no one in the military wants to think about, but if the worst does happens they need effective ways to deal with the fallout. Troops can remove their uniforms and be scrubbed down with hydrogen peroxide fairly easily, but what about their vehicles and other gear? That's where a unique new type of paint comes in.

    Developed jointly by the U.K.'s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and AzkoNobel, the paint contains silica gel that absorbs chemicals and traps them. It's sprayed onto vehicles on top of a sticky coating described as being like the adhesive on a Post-It Note. This allows the paint to be easily scrubbed off after it's done its job.

    The paint is expected to be used on the British Army's Warrior tanks initially, but could theoretically be used on other vehicles and equipment. Now that it's been perfected, the next step in the development of this unique paint is to create one that can change colors to alert

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  • Mars One wants to send you to the red planet, but it's a one-way trip

    If you've always wanted to live on a distant world, Dutch company Mars One wants to give you your chance to settle on the red planet. There's only one catch: You'll never be able to return to Earth.

    Next year, Mars One will hold a worldwide lottery to select 40 people to train to be civilian astronauts. That group will be sent to live in a desert simulation for three months, after which the initial pool will be whittled down to 10. By 2023, this group will be sent to Mars to form the first permanent human settlement.

    According to Bas Lansdorp, founder of Mars One, "We will send humans to Mars in 2023. They will live there the rest of their lives. There will be a habitat waiting for them, and we'll start sending four people every two years."

    Once the new settlement has begun to thrive, the possibility for a return visit to Earth may open up. Still, that's not guaranteed. Says Lansdorp, "our astronauts will be offered a one-way trip. We have no idea when it will be possible to offer

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  • Midday Glance: Gold companies

    Shares of some top gold companies are mixed at 1 p.m.: Barrick Gold Corp. rose $.01 or .1 percent, to $13.46. Gold Fields Ltd ADS rose $.09 or 2.5 percent, to $3.70. GoldCorp. rose $.21 or .9 percent, ...

  • Business Highlights

    ___ Market jolt is reality check for investors Sometimes a little fear is healthy for stock investors. A violent lurch lower nine days ago knocked the Standard & Poor's 500 index down as much as 7.4 percent ...

  • AT&T keeps T-Mobile at bay, but for how much longer?
    AT&T keeps T-Mobile at bay, but for how much longer?

    AT&T gave millions of customers a price cut but the savings disappear when subscribers want a new phone. Analysts fear they may defect.

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Requirements Revealed
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Requirements Revealed

    Steam page reveals the game's minimum and recommended PC system requirements; see them here.

  • China, 20 other countries initiate new Asian bank
    China, 20 other countries initiate new Asian bank

    BEIJING (AP) — Twenty-one Asian nations have signed on to a China-driven initiative to create a new development bank for Asia that's aimed at boosting infrastructure investment of all kinds. Beijing sees that as a way to raise its international standing, but Washington opposes the move as an unnecessary and potentially damaging rival to established institutions such as the World Bank.

  • Iran will be seen as responsible if nuclear talks fail: U.S.

    By Arshad Mohammed WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran will be widely seen to be responsible if a comprehensive deal to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief is not reached, the top U.S. negotiator said on Thursday. U.S. Under-Secretary of State Wendy Sherman also said major powers negotiating with Iran have offered it ideas that are "equitable, enforceable and consistent with Tehran's expressed desire for a viable civilian nuclear program." Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States are seeking to reach a deal with Iran by Nov. 24. ...

  • Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500: Seeking Alpha
    Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500: Seeking Alpha

    (Reuters) - Sears Holdings Corp is shuttering more than 100 stores and laying off at least 5,457 employees, investor website Seeking Alpha reported on Thursday, indicating the struggling retailer may be stepping up store closures. Sears said in August it had closed 96 stores in the six months since February and planned to close a total of 130 underperforming stores during the full fiscal year. It added at the time that it may shutter additional stores beyond the 130 target. ...

  • Suarez sought help to end biting impulse
    Suarez sought help to end biting impulse

    Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has admitted he has sought help to end his habit of biting opponents ahead of making his debut for the Catalans against Real Madrid on Saturday. The most expensive player in Barca's history is finally free to play for his new club at the Bernabeu after serving a four-month ban for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup in June. As well as his latest bite on Chiellini, the 27-year-old received lengthy suspensions for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic last year and Otman Bakkal of PSV Eindhoven whilst playing for Ajax.

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