Computer accessory lets you navigate Windows 8 with your eyes

Here's something that could make Windows 8 a lot more fun to use — a system that gives you the power to navigate the computer with your eyes. Microsoft's newest operating system isn't commercially available yet, but Swedish company Tobii has long prepared for its arrival by tweaking its Gaze eye-tracking technology to work with the Windows 8 interface.

Gaze works by attaching an eye monitoring device that follows the movement of your eyes to the computer's USB port. An onscreen indicator appears on the part of the screen you're looking at, and all you need to do is click the trackpad to launch a program or click a link.

The Windows 8 OS is designed not only for computers but also for tablets and smartphones. One of its defining features is the Start Screen, which you can customize with application tiles and other widgets. Tobii claims that while the interface works well on a tablet with a touchscreen display, it doesn't feel natural scrolling through all the tiles on a computer screen using a trackpad.

The Gaze technology has previously been used for various medical applications, as well as to make the world's first eye-controlled arcade game. Tobii will demonstrate Gaze for Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show that will take place on January 10 to 13.

Tobii via Ubergizmo

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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