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Cute robot uses Google to recognize objects, crash into desks adorably

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If you're like me, your vision of the future involves lots and lots of home robotsMechanical friends who bring me a warm cup of coffee in the morning, and a warm cup of Irish coffee at night. Thanks to Hitachi corporation, that future may be here sooner than we think.

The EMIEW 2 robot is an adorable, child-like android that's connected to the internet. It uses built-in cameras to map its surroundings and identify objects. When it has an image of an item it wants to identify, it takes to Google to run an analysis.

When the robot is given added data from a series of video cameras mounted around the office, it's able to quickly show you where you absent-mindedly put down your pencil. That's all well and good until a robot wearing a security uniform starts asking you about the office supplies you're trying to smuggle out in your coat pocket. Sneaky little things, these omniscient robots are.

Hitachi via Engadget

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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