Cyclist uses GPS tracking app to turn Baltimore into a drawing board

Personal GPS devices are one of the most useful inventions in recent memory, and while they are a godsend for finding your way through a maze of city streets, they can also apparently be used for artistic purposes as well. Michael Wallace — who goes by the Twitter handle @WallyGPX — has been using the streets in southeast Baltimore to draw impressive designs for years now, but his latest work is perhaps his most impressive yet.

He starts by deciding what he wants to draw, then plots his course through the winding boulevards and avenues of his fair city. After that, he grabs his GPS tracker, hops on his bike, and uses his GPS unit's tracking feature to sketch his works. And we're not talking about something simple like an Apple logo; Wallace has drawn impressive renditions of the Terminator robot, the Titanic, and even a scene from Angry Birds.

You can follow along with Wallace's unorthodox art on both his website and Twitter feed, or even try your hand at creating your own GPS art using his extensive notes and tips. Of course, you'll need a reasonably large city in order to offer enough of a canvas for your design, so small town dwellers might find themselves with only the simplest of options.

[Image credit: WallyGPX]

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