How DARPA used two huge speakers to instantly suppress fire

DARPA, the military tech agency known for funding the development of terrifying (as well as adorable) robots and fascinating espionage technologies, found another way to put out fire without the use of water or chemicals. After showing off its fire-suppressing magic wand earlier this year, the agency divulged details about its huge, fire-extinguishing speakers.

These speakers are a product of the Instant Fire Suppression (IFS) program — the same project that came up with the aforementioned magic wand. In the video above, you'll see two DARPA speakers facing each other. Sound coming from the two speakers increases air velocity around the flame, disrupting it and ultimately putting it out.

Like the magic wand, the speakers can only snuff out small flames within a laboratory setting. But while they're pretty much useless against raging infernos such as forest fires, DARPA could incorporate the science behind the speakers on a real-word fire-suppression system.

[via Wired]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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