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DISH Network offers broadband internet for rural customers

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New dishNET service allows current DISH TV customers a discount on broadband

DISH Network has announced its new nationwide broadband service launching today for rural communities. Named dishNET, the service starts at $39.99 a month for those customers with a qualifying DISH TV package. Non-bundled packages are $10 more per month.

The speeds of each dishNET package vary depending on your location, but range from 5mbps to 10bps download speeds and 1mbps to 2mbps upload speeds. All plans require a 24-month agreement signing and a $10/month equipment lease fee, but the $99 activation fee is being waived during this special introductory offer.

Of course, these speeds and prices are not the best you'll find in any typical metropolitan community, but for rural customers, this may be one of your only choices.

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