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Fold-up ‘house’ fits in your pocket, sets up instantly

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If Barcelona-based designer Martin Azua's design catches on, the camping tents of the future could fit in your pocket. His "Basic House" concept is a single-person pop-up shelter made from a metalized polyester fabric that sets itself up, but contains no rigid support structure.

The Basic House inflates itself, using solar and body heat to keep its shape. It's also reversible, with one side of the fabric working to keep heat inside during the winter, or keep the warmth of the sun out in the summer. When set up, it resembles a large golden cube with a circular opening.

Having been a part of exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art and Vitra Design Museum, the Basic House isn't available for purchase just yet, but could eventually be used to provide temporary housing for those displaced by natural disasters and other emergencies.


This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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