Man forges his own precious wedding ring out of a meteorite

Reddit user laporkenstein wanted an out-of-this-world wedding ring to celebrate his big day. But instead of dropping $17,000 on wedding rings that were blasted to space in a rocket, he decided to take a mole impressive route: He forged his own wedding ring out of a chunk of Gibeon meteorite... and he only had to spend $300 in the process.

Laporkstein, an artist who's been drawing his whole life, didn't have a lot of prior experience working with metal. After one year of mulling over the idea, a few weeks of research, and a couple of days practicing on ordinary metal, he took his meteorite chunk and made thin rectangular strips from it. He then attached the strips together layer by layer and fashioned them into a ring.

Gibeon meteorites are iron-nickel alloys characterized by a visible and beautiful network of veins called Widmanstatten pattern. Laporkstein bought a chunk for $200 online — he spent the other $100 on books and other materials. Great job, sir! We'd make a toast in your name, but we're fresh out of meteorite wine and we all know nothing else is good enough to honor you.

Make sure to check out the gallery of pictures laporkenstein took while forging his ring three years ago!

[Image credit: Stickpen]


This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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