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Move over Google: Apple granted patent for Google Glass-like tech

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The world's largest tech company could be prepping an entrance to the augmented reality game

One of the most anticipated pieces of tech of next year would almost certainly have to be Google Glass, the tech giant's risky gamble in the yet-to-be-proven augmented reality space. But Google is far from the only tech giant eyeing the tech: Computer company Apple is also getting into augmented reality, if their recently approved patent for "peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays" is any indication.

To be sure, the patent (#8212859) isn't specifically about creating a competing product to the wildly hyped Google Glass, it's about creating a new method of image projection. That said, the patent application cites augmented reality as a real possibility for its new tech, saying it could "be used to view a see-through image imposed upon a real world view."

Just because Apple took out a patent for augmented reality glasses doesn't necessarily mean Apple will make a competitor to Google Glass. Still, it's a good signal that if Google Glasses are indeed the future, then Apple will be right there alongside Google, slugging it out on the retail shelves.

[Image source: Concept of augmented reality via Shutterstock]
[via Apple Insider]

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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