ReBrick: A social network for Lego lovers

Ever wished you could browse a whole bunch of crazy and imaginative Lego inventions and creations on a single site? Now you can. The Lego Group recently launched ReBrick — a social media site for fans of the construction toys, where enthusiasts can share their discoveries around the web or show off their own masterpieces.

ReBrick serves as a hub not just for various existing fan-made Lego sites, but also for creations people post on YouTube and Flickr. The Lego Group's aim is to provide a go-to site for fans, especially those who are new to the toy, so they can connect with other fans in different online communities.

All you need to do whenever you want to share something is submit the URL of a web page, an image, or a video on the site. It's similar to how you share web pages on Facebook or Tumblr, though you can also install a bookmarklet on your browser so you can share Lego creations even more quickly. The site is moderated, but as long as your entry is about Lego it will be accepted. Other users can also rate or comment on your entry.

The Lego Group worked with hundreds of Lego enthusiasts to develop ReBrick, and even consulted fans over the site's name. It was launched to a limited audience back in December, but it's now open to general public — even if you're just a newbie who happens to be fascinated by the things people can make out of the seemingly magical bricks.

[Image credit: Rob Young]

[via Wired]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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