Super Mario Brothers perform swing dance, complete with nostalgic sound effects

The Mario Brothers have done it all. They've foiled evil plots, sped around dangerous race tracks, and rescued Princess Peach more times than we can count, but never have we seen them move with the grace seen in the video above. Performed by Morgan Day and Emily Wigger at the 2011 Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championship, the retro routine touches on plenty of memorable Mario moments.

The dance features sound bytes from the original Super Mario Bros. titles as well as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, which will surely remind some of you of Sunday mornings past. Unfortunately, much like the original Nintendo adventures were sometimes plagued by unfortunate glitches, the ambitious routine suffers a setback at around the 2:25 mark. It seems the D.J. running the tunes wasn't a Nintendo fan, or forgot that a Mario Bros. level isn't over until you slide down the flagpole.

Once the dance gets back on track, the rest goes off without a hitch, and judging by the crowd reaction we figured it would be a lock for 1st place in the Showcase category in which it was performed. But alas, the leaderboard wouldn't fall in the brothers' favor that day, and they had to settle for 4th place. But as any gamer can tell you, rarely has there been a Mario game without a sequel, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for the next installment.

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