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Survey says: Americans don’t want to know every detail of your life

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Texting in public and oversharing personal info are among Americans' top pet peeves

Remember back in the old days when you didn't know what the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop thought of her aunt Rita? Or when you didn't know the name of the wife of the guy one stall over? With all of the glorious benefits of new technology, loud-talking cell phone users with no regard for personal info boundaries are probably somewhere toward the bottom of the list.

As it turns out, most people aren't too fond of this decline in etiquette, either. According to the Mobile Etiquette and Digital Sharing survey commissioned by Intel, 60% of Americans polled think that talking loudly on your cell phone, watching inappropriate videos, and texting while driving are some of the rudest things you can do in public.

As another interesting part of this survey, 90% of U.S. adults believe others divulge too much personal info online. That's quite a staggering number, considering the fact that sharing pictures of your baby's first runny nose is what some of these social media outlets are all about. Teens seem to be the biggest culprit for sharing personal details, as 42% feel more comfortable sharing their information online than in a public venue, which may say more about the perception of what a public venue actually is these days.

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