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WikiWars turns Wikipedia searching into a competitive sport

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If you're reading this right now, you probably already know plenty about Wikipedia — it's an inescapable feature of our connected world. What you probably didn't know is that some people take Wikipedia searching so seriously that they've turned it into an actual competitive sport.

Here's how the game goes down: Two players on separate computers begin the game on the same Wikipedia page. When a timer ticks to zero, both players must navigate to another Wikipedia entry using only the inline links embedded into each topic page. The game tests your intelligence and quick fingers, but also requires an encyclopedic knowledge of how each Wikipedia page relates to every other entry on the site.

We're not sure we'll ever see WikiWars in the olympics, but it seems like a seriously intense sport nonetheless. If you have a friend with similar Wikipedia search kung-fu, go ahead and give it a go. Just make sure you have a speedy internet connection and a judge to make sure your opposition keeps his cursor off the search bar.


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