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  • Members of the "Tough Ruck" team were steps from the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon and rushed in to help. (Military Friends Foundation)

    The 20 active-duty soldiers had just completed the Boston Marathon carrying supply-filled packs—some as heavy as 40 pounds—for the Tough Ruck charity event. Then the bombs went off—and they ran to help.

    The soldiers had gathered at 5:30 on the morning of the race to walk the 26.2-mile course together, led by 1st Lt. Stephen Fiola. The event is to honor comrades who had died in Iraq or Afghanistan, or from suicide or post-traumatic stress disorder after coming home, according to the group's Facebook page.

    Soldiers from the "Tough Ruck" team at the Boston Marathon. (Military Friends Foundation)

    The soldiers who followed the race course took about eight hours to complete the event. They were met at the end by Carlos Arredondo, recognizable in photos by his cowboy hat—and for his heroic acts.

    Carlos Arredondo, a Tough Ruck volunteer who helped those wounded in the blasts at the Boston Marathon. (Atlantic Wire)

    The Tough Ruck volunteer was father of Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo, who was killed in Iraq in 2004. His second son committed suicide after suffering from depression from the death of his brother. Arredondo was carrying photos of the two of them.

    Then the double blasts went off at the

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  • Site of one of the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon (Elise Amendola/AP/)

    A patient has a message for the man who picked her up and carried her to safety: Thank you.

    According to a report from the Boston Globe, one of 19 injured patients brought to Tufts Medical Center after the dual bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon was helped by a good Samaritan. She would like to relay her gratitude.

    The patient, who suffered severe leg injuries, remembers her hero as “Sergeant Tyler,” a former Marine, who may have been in uniform, and who, she recalls, had a scar on his left arm.

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    Hospital spokeswoman Brooke Tyson Hynes said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that “He told her, ‘You’re going to have a scar, but you’re going to be OK. It’ll be like my scar.’ ” She added, the unidentified patient “believes he did indeed save her life.”

    Hynes said, “If there is a Sergeant Tyler out there, please call Tufts Medical Center Public Affairs, and she would very much like to thank him personally.”

    She added, “That’s an important part of

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  • Who is heroic cop in iconic Boston bombing photo?

    Boston police officers react to the Marathon bombings (John Tlumacki / AP)Boston police officers react to the Marathon bombings. (John Tlumacki / AP)

    Much has been written about the above photo, taken by AP photographer John Tlumacki. It captures the chaos, danger and bravery of those on the scene of the Boston Marathon explosions.

    Javier Pagan is the officer on the right side of the photo. Dallas Voice writes that Pagan is a longtime member of the Boston Police and serves as liaison between the BPD and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

    As the photo went viral, a Facebook group called Boston Pride issued a shoutout to the officer:

    The police officer on the far right is a good friend of Boston Pride! One of the First Responders who was miraculously standing right behind the flags where the first bomb went off---- Boston Pride would like to Thank Javier for all you do!

    Yahoo News spoke with Sylvain Bruni, board member for Boston Pride, about Pagan's contributions. "We do a lot of public events, and Officer Pagan helps with security and the planning" to make sure things go smoothly from a "safety and security

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  • Acts of bravery and kindness at the Boston bombings

    An increasing number of stories are coming out of Boston about the bravery of regular folks at the site of the Boston Marathon attacks on Monday. After the two explosions at the finish line area, people sought ways small and large to help.

    Many of these accounts are being told via photos posted to Twitter and other social media networks. Below are a few examples of regular folks rising to the challenges of an extraordinarily difficult day.

    Also in the wake of the attacks, people have jumped on to the random acts of kindness idea suggested

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  • Gestures of support and empathy for Boston

    In the aftermath of the blasts at the Boston Marathon that claimed the lives of at least three, people and organizations are offering support to the residents of Boston.

    A quote from Martin Luther King projected in Brooklyn, NY.A quote from Martin Luther King projected in Brooklyn, NY.

    In New York, messages of hope and encouragement were projected along the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The messages, photos of which were featured on blogs across the Web, read "Brooklyn Loves New York" and a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."

    Chicago Tribune's sports section (Photo via @BaxterHolmes)Chicago Tribune's sports section (Photo via @BaxterHolmes)

    The Chicago Tribune's sports section dedicated its front page to the people of Boston via their beloved sports teams. "We are Chicago Red Sox. We are Chicago Celtics. We are Chicago Bruins. We are Chicago Patriots. We are Chicago Revolution," the paper declared.

    The paper then sent a short message to Boston sports fans.

    We are like you. We know that sports are often the ties that hold us together, that give us a way to talk about the things we care about when other words fail. We know sports can be

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