• Lucid Dream Mask Turns Bedtime into ‘Inception’

    Hollywood has glamorized the notion of lucid dreaming with films like "Inception" and "Waking Life." But what if “waking up” inside your dream was as easy as putting on a sleep mask? You could hurdle any impossible obstacle, like flying without a jet or swimming to the bottom of the ocean, from your bed.

    Brooklyn-based Bitbanger Labs, run by two childhood friends, has dreamt up such a mask: It’s called Remee and it promises to put wannabe lucid dreamers behind their dreams’ steering wheel.

    “The first time anyone lucid dreams, they wake up the next morning and are just blown away,” said Duncan McCloud Frazier, one half of the Bitbanger Labs’ duo. “Becoming lucid gives you the tools to all of the sudden create in that world that is so high fidelity and you can do whatever you want.”

    Frazier and his Bitbanger partner, Steve McGuigan, said the key to lucid dreaming is to recognize a recurring sign that alerts you to the fact that you’re dreaming. In the movie "Inception," this recurring

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  • Back to School And Into a Job

    Critics assail “for-profit” colleges for overpricing their education and not preparing students for today’s job market. But one such school is shredding that label with its innovative tuition promise: If you don’t get a job, they don’t get paid.

    The school is called App Academy, and it teaches novice developers how to code software. The intensive course, operational in New York City and San Francisco, lasts only nine weeks but crams in a gigantic curriculum. Students learn multiple software languages, like SQL and JavaScript, and solve rigorous problem sets.

    “Our goal is to place students as software engineers,” said Kush Patel, one of App Academy’s co-founders. “We don’t care so much if they can do graph theory or algorithms or other obscure kinds of CS topics. We want to give them real-world skills they can use and actually get them a job.”

    Here’s how the tuition scheme works: Students study free-of-charge during the course’s duration. Upon gaining employment after graduation,

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  • Turn Your House Into a “Jetsons” Home

    Home automation used to be reserved for the very wealthy who could afford to pay a company to come in and install sensors throughout their home - but new technology can let anyone control and monitor their homes right from their phone.

    Sensors produced by SmartThings, a Washington, D.C.-based company, are able to sense when you wake up, when you leave and when you come home, and can adjust your living space accordingly. The system also knows when you’ve left your home and it can shut off your lights, make sure your doors are locked and adjust the temperature. When you wake up in the morning, it can turn on lights and turn on your coffee maker so you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee.

    But as nice as it is to not have to worry about turning lights on and off, the SmartThings app on your phone alerts you to anything that’s going on in your home when you’re away, from an open door or refrigerator, to a flood in the basement.

    In fact, that’s where the idea for SmartThings came from. One

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