• Can a Smartphone App Make You a Blackjack King?

    Blackjack often ranks as the most popular table game at your local casino, because of all the options available on the casino floor, Blackjack is the one that gives the house the smallest advantage over the gambler - especially if the gambler is employing proper strategy. And if the gambler knows how to count cards?

    Movies such as Rain Man, The Hangover and 21 have introduced the concept of card counting to the world, a strategy often cited as being developed by Dr. Edward O. Thorp in the early 1960s. The concept is simple, even if the details are not. By employing various strategies of tracking which cards are dealt during the game, and adjusting your bets accordingly to the shifting odds, a player is theoretically able to eliminate the house advantage and rack up a tidy profit.

    Nowadays, there are several smartphone apps that claim to teach a user how to employ these card counting strategies to become a Blackjack King. The tagline for the popular app BlackJack Domination is "It's

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  • The Underground World of Human Cyborgs

    There is a growing subculture of do-it-yourself cyborgs who want to push the limits of human potential by implanting technology into their bodies, expanding their senses and ability to interact with the world.

    While writing an article on a group of biohackers in Pittsburgh, writer Ben Popper from the technology website theverge.com became one himself.

    He joined us this week to share his story and demonstrate the wafer sized magnet he had implanted in his ring finger, which he describes as the "training wheels" of biohacking.

    Most biohackers, like the ones Mr. Popper met, operate underground and away from medical regulation. Rare earth metals are implanted with scalpels in tattoo parlors instead of hospitals, and without anesthesia. Once implanted, the biohackers can sense electromagnetic fields, giving them a 6th sense to feel the world around them. His wife has a simpler version of this implant, which allows the two of them to feel the sensation of someone shaking her hand while

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  • Even with an increasing number of car manufacturers building hybrid cars, it's hard for a lot of people to justify buying a new car for an extra 10 miles per gallon in fuel savings.

    But a former IBM engineer and current professor at Middle Tennessee State University named Charles Perry and his students have designed a hybrid retrofit kit that may soon turn any gas powered car or truck into a hybrid.

    It's been in the works for the past few years, but the technology is getting closer to becoming a reality. We spoke with Professor Perry this week to find out more.

    Prof. Perry's design takes a lot of the confusion out of hybrid technology, making it more realistic and accessible to car owners. The kit attaches to the rear wheels of just about any car or truck, and is powered by a lithium ion battery in the trunk. Sure, not everyone could install it themselves, but Perry insists that if you can change your brakes, you can install the kit.

    When it comes to market he hopes to retail the kit

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