• Put Away your Fly Swatter, Grab the Bug-A-Salt

    The Bug-A-Salt is the newest and certainly the most fun way to get rid of pesky fruit flies and cockroaches. It's a full size plastic, pump action, bug killing machine that will leave you hoping a fly will slip through the window.

    Everyone has their favorite way to deal with bug problems. There's of course the swatting technique, with a rolled up newspaper or a fly swatter. There's also the bug zapper and the fly paper for the lazy bug hunters. But the Bug-A-Salt is the next level, where you can't help but wonder if taking out the trash or investing in better window screens might be a better investment.

    But that's not the point is it? The designer of the gun wanted to turn lemons into lemonade, turning an annoying problem into an activity. But before the Bug-A-Salt reaches the public we needed to give it a try so we had them send us a gun, and we found out that it not only works, it's also multifunctional.

    The gun is available for pre order for $30.00 at bugasalt.com and requires

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  • The rover curiosity spent 8 1/2 months traveling from earth to the edge of Mars' atmosphere and will spend another 2 years exploring the surface of the planet. But the most crucial moments of the entire mission were the 7 minutes that it took for curiosity to travel from the edge of the planet's atmosphere to landing in the Gale Crater on Mars.

    To witness the historic moment, NASA broadcast the final decent on the big screen in Times Square. While crowds gathered in New York, looking up at the jumbo-tron to witness the historic event, the team from NASA was confident that the Curiosity would make a successful landing, even forgoing a final chance to adjust the flight path before decent because it was right on target.

    However once the Curiosity entered the planet's atmosphere it was on its own, with nothing but 500,000 lines of computer code meticulously written to choreograph the safe landing. With the team at NASA sitting back and eating peanuts waiting for data, the Curiosity flew

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  • $30K for a Million Years of Storage

    Countries with nuclear power plants have spent decades figuring out the proper place to bury nuclear waste and will spend decades more digging and filling 500 meter holes in the earth where it will live. One of the most the crucial pieces in safely burying the waste is keeping accurate records of where the waste is buried so that future generations don't accidentally dig it up.

    The solution to that problem may lie in a $30,000 hard disk, made of an indestructible combination of sapphire and platinum that claims to be durable enough to last for up to one million years. It was designed by a diverse team of scientists, anthropologists, archeologists, artists, archivists and linguists who worked to build something that would last, but could also be understood by people thousands of years from now.

    This hard disk is different from the type of external hard drive that you would save your documents and music on, and not just because of how long it lasts and expensive it is. Unlike a digital

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