• Transparent & Flexible Solar Cells

    Researchers at UCLA have created a new transparent polymer based solar cell that may eventually turn buildings, cars and smart phones into energy generating solar cells.

    Every 15 minutes the Earth is hit with enough sunlight to provide energy for the entire planet - for a whole year! The goal is to harness that energy at the highest efficiency possible.

    By absorbing infrared light instead of visible light, like current solar cells, the polymer solar cells are nearly 70 percent transparent to the human eye. So they can be applied to clear surfaces that were previously unable to house solar cells.

    That means they could be applied to portable gadgets like smart phones, tablets and MP3 players. They could also be applied to the top of your car or to the side of skyscrapers.

    The lead researchers from UCLA, Professors Yang Yang and Paul Weiss, joined us from their office at UCLA to discuss the breakthrough.

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  • A Keyboard Made of Bananas & Play-Doh

    Even though MaKey MaKey was designed by two Ph.D candidates from MIT, their goal was to make something for the kindergartener in all of us.

    It's a device that allows you to turn anything that conducts electricity into a functional computer key. It looks like it might be difficult to hook up, but it's actually very simple - so simple a 4-year old was able to do it without trouble.

    The team, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, have dedicated themselves to designing easy-to-use invention kits. "We believe that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. We believe that everyone can create the future and change the world."

    Even the most jaded technology enthusiast can't help but chuckle when they hook up a banana to an alligator clip and use it to scroll through their computer. But the beauty is that it's up to you to decide what to turn into a key.

    In Jay and Eric's video they play Mario Bros. with Play-Doh, Dance Dance Revolution with buckets or water, the piano with a staircase, and

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  • A Skateboard to Pique Your Imagination

    When you call your motorized skateboard the Board of Awesomeness, it takes some confidence. But rigging a tablet computer and a Microsoft Kinect to control the motorized skateboard is undeniably pretty awesome.

    The designers at Chaotic Moon Labs, whose trademark slogan is "We're Smarter Than You" probably don't need our reassurance.

    We went down to their design studios, or as they call it, their "fortified zombie-proof bunker" to give the board a ride.

    The Board of Awesomeness actually has a sibling called the Board of Imagination, which is controlled by your mind, via an EMOTIV brain wave helmet. The helmet reads your mind and when you think go, it goes, and when you think stop, it stops.

    Unfortunately, mere hours before we got there the helmet broke when those aforementioned zombies tried to get into the bunker and broke the EMOTIV helmet. At least that's how they explained it to us.

    There wasn't a soldering gun in the state of Texas with the capability to fix it. So with one board

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