• A Lollipop That Will Cure Your Hiccups

    Drink a glass of water upside down, hold your breath for 30 seconds then let it out slowly, eat a spoonful of sugar... these are a handful of the many home remedies people swear will get rid of hiccups every time.

    But when a 13-year old girl from Connecticut named Mallory Kievman suffered from hiccups, she tried all of those remedies and more, but nothing seemed to work. So she decided to come up with her own cure: a lollipop that cures hiccups called the Hiccupop.

    It combines her favorite cures: lollipops, sugar, and the active ingredient - apple cider vinegar.

    But she didn't keep the invention to herself - instead she decided to enter the Hiccupop in the Connecticut Invention Convention, an annual invention competition for kids.

    She admitted that before the competition she thought the lollipops would either succeed or bust. Well, the Hiccupop was a success, taking home the prize 'innovation' and 'patentability'.

    Now, in between school, soccer tournaments and summer trips to the

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  • In the Soho neighborhood of New York City, where living space is both expensive and limited, Graham Hill and his team at LifeEdited have turned a 420 square foot studio apartment into the Petri dish of future urban living.

    The single room studio apartment has been gutted and remodeled with convertible walls and furniture that transform into six different living spaces. "I wanted it all," says Mr. Hill in his TED talk from a year ago, "home office, sit down dinner for 10, room for guests, and all my kite surfing gear."

    We went to the apartment to get the first look at the newly finished space, which was built using sustainably sourced lumber and built-in solar powered phone chargers.

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  • A car's blind spot is one of life's accepted inconveniences. Check your mirror, lean forward, look over your shoulder and change lanes. That is standard operating procedure.

    But a math professor from Drexel University in Philadelphia named Andrew Hicks has designed a curved mirror that eliminates most of that blind spot, using a mathematic algorithm that increases your field of view from the current standard of 15 to 17 degrees to an astonishing 45 degrees without distorting the image.

    To achieve the design without the fun-house or fish-eye effect, Professor Hicks's patented design is similar to a disco ball with tiny individual mirrors precisely directed using his algorithm, so that each ray of light bouncing of the mirror shows a wide yet undistorted view.

    But don't expect the newest car designs to roll off the production line with these mirrors just yet. At this point, manufacturers are still required to install side view mirrors that are flat, due to issues with distortion. But

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