• Convert Dance Moves Into Electricity

    A lot of attention is given to how much energy humans consume, but this week we're looking at the energy humans create, and some of the innovations that are taking place to capture that energy.

    There's a harmless virus, yes a virus, that's been created by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that generates energy when placed between two wafer-thin electrodes and placed in the bottom or your shoe. There's also a soccer ball that generates energy with every kick creating enough power to light a lamp. But it's Pavegen, a young company out of London founded by 26 year old Laurence Kemball-Cook, that's gained the most attention.

    Mr. Kemball-Cook and his team have invented a tile that's designed to be installed into sidewalk and capture the kinetic energy you create when you walk. When several tiles are installed into a heavily trafficked area, Pavegen can generate enough energy to power things like lights, wifi and electric signs.

    They're currently installing Pavegen tiles at a mall

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  • Never Wait for Ketchup Again

    Dave Smith and his team at MIT were researching coatings to apply to the inside of water bottles to prevent chemicals from leaching into the water, when they stumbled upon an application for their invention that may make them incredibly wealthy.

    They realized that the microscopic coating they had developed, dubbed LiquiGlide, is the perfect substance to apply to the inside of a ketchup bottle, long known for taking forever to pour out. With LiquidGlide helping the process, every last drop of the viscous condiment pours right out with little hesitation.

    The super slick, food-based and edible coating has ketchup-loving Americans waiting with hamburgers and hot dogs in hand, just in time for BBQ season.

    But the applications for LiquiGlide go way beyond mere condiments, from paint cans and hair products to oil pipelines and medical supplies. Any container that holds thick liquids would benefit from LiquiGlide, cutting down on waste and saving consumers and manufacturers money in the

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  • World-Class Waves Anywhere in the World

    Most of us don't live on the coast and don't have access to the ocean and waves, but considering how many people wear surf apparel in land locked towns from companies like Quicksilver and Billabong, it's clear there's a lot of interest away from the coast.

    With the Wavegarden, you can create a surf spot anywhere in the world, turning lakes, reservoirs and large ponds into surf spots that never goes flat.

    The patented Wavegarden technology uses much less energy than other man made waves and can generate surf for anyone from children and novices to pros like Jordy Smith and Roy Powers.

    Wavegarden comes from a group of Spanish skate park designers who decided to combine their love for surfing with their ability to design skate parks, to create a man made waves for people who don't live near the ocean or live near really crowded breaks.

    If you've got a space you'd like to turn into a surf break you can contact Wavegarden and they will work with you to design and build your own surf spot

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