• Invisibly Waterproof Your iPhone

    Last week, while covering an unrelated event in Park City, Utah, we stumbled upon a demonstration by a couple of guys from the company Liquipel, who we'd been hearing about for a few days and had been attempting to book for "This Could Be Big" since first seeing their video of an apparently waterproofed iPhone.

    The video, and the subsequent coverage of it on the Internet, had boosted Liquipel's visibility through the roof, but skeptic we remained... until the guys started dunking their specially treated iPhone into a tank of water, in front of our very eyes. Incredulous, we poked, we prodded, and examined the surface of the phone, and everything remained in working order despite repeated exposure to water. Their explanations were somewhat vague, but the results seemed to be there. Of course, the kicker was when they brought out a specially treated piece of tissue paper that demonstrated the same resistance to water as their Liquipel-treated iPhone.

    Convinced that there was legitimacy

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  • A Way For Lovers To Stay Connected

    Who would design a ring that wirelessly transmits your pulse to your significant other through a pillow insert, so when you lay down to go to sleep you can feel their heart beat? Only an interactive designer with a boyfriend who works on offshore oil rig.

    Joanna Montgomery, a recent college graduate from Scotland, designed the product, called Pillow Talk, because she wanted to develop technology that allows for a more intimate interaction between people.

    "I realized that technology has become very literal, everything involves a screen. You can Facebook someone, or text them, or email them, but it's quite two dimensional and there isn't any real richness or depth behind it."

    She originally designed Pillow Talk as her final college project, but she is currently putting the final touches on the design before it comes to market at some point this summer.

    Talking to people about Pillow Talk around the office this week, I get the feeling that it's going to take a little while for Pillow

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  • The Ultimate Man Cave

    Every man fantasizes about filling their basement with the most high tech gadgets, so while we were at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we decided to take advantage of the endless supply of cutting edge technology and outfit the perfect man cave.

    With money as no object, we let loose on the Las Vegas convention center floor, picking out the best television, refrigerator, speaker system, and anything else we might want for the perfect entertainment room.

    What we found were speakers as tall as a basketball rim, a television as thin as a stack of credit cards, a refrigerator that can cool your beer in less than 10 minutes and the most luxurious massage chair on that market, that's so comfortable that you'll want to marry it after only a few minutes

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