• Would You Eat a Protein Bar Made With Crickets?

    Protein bars are a convenient and filling snack on-the-go. But with many well-known bars containing high amounts of sugar and using chemical proteins, they may not be the most nutritional option for your workout or hike.

    A rash of upstart protein bar companies are seeking to change that by offering protein bars made with protein from crickets instead of from soy, whey and almonds.

    That’s right, crickets. -- (cricket noise) --

    EXO, a new startup founded by Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, two recent Brown University graduates.The duo came up with their cricket bar iteration in their senior year when Lewis told Sewitz that he was looking for a healthy protein bar for his gym workouts.

    Sewitz, who had just attended an environmental conference where he learned about edible insects as a method for combating food insecurity, suggested to Lewis that he make protein bars with cricket flour.

    “When Greg suggested crickets, my mind instantly made that psychological leap to thinking of crickets as

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  • A Transparent Display Without Limits

    Projecting an image is simple - if the surface you're projecting it on is white and flat and in a dark room. However, projecting an image onto a transparent surface is much more complicated and expensive. But a research team at MIT has developed a new and affordable transparent display system that may one day change the way we look at store windows and windshields.

    The secret to MIT’s breakthrough display is a coating of silver nanoparticles on top of a thin transparent surface. These nanoparticles can identify certain wavelengths and colors, while letting the rest of the information from the projector pass through.

    This technology would allow stores to project images and information onto their windows in real time. Subway trains could post minute-to-minute service changes and delays, and your car would be able to display information right on the windshield.

    As opposed to other transparent displays, which are embedded with expensive electronics, this new technology has to potential to

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  • New Telescope Will Be World’s Largest

    The Hubble Space Telescope has produced some jaw-dropping images from space, such as the famous “Pillars of Creation” and the Horsehead nebula.

    But the Hubble will soon encounter some stiff telescoping competition from a ground-based telescope so large it has been dubbed “E-ELT,” aka the European Extremely Large Telescope.

    The telescope is being designed by the European Southern Observatory, which will begin construction on a desert mountain top in Chile as soon as Brazil’s parliament ratifies the ESO’s charter and becomes a member state.

    With a reflecting telescope that will measure more than 39 meters (127.95 feet) in diameter, the E-ELT will be the largest telescope ever made.

    According to Jochen Liske, an ESO astronomer, the E-ELT will probe for extra-solar planets with Earth-like masses and conduct direct imaging of larger planets. By analyzing light from distant galaxies, the E-ELT will help astronomers understand more about how stars are formed.

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