• Obama hosts a screening of "Men in Black 3" (Pete Souza/White House)

    Coming soon: President Barack Obama in 3-D!

    Just kidding. Last month, Obama hosted a special screening of "Men in Black 3" at the White House for members of the military and their families. White House photographer Pete Souza's photo of Obama addressing the group, as many wore their 3-D glasses, was among those included in the White House's latest update to its Flickr account.

  • President Barack Obama (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

    On the eve of a high-stakes speech to defend his handling of the weak economy and attack Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama got another dose of bad news on Wednesday in the form of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that found independent swing voters decidedly bearish on his approach.

    Only 38 percent of those up-for-grabs Americans have favorable views of Obama's economic plans, with a majority (54 percent) disapproving. The good news for the embattled president? They aren't much more impressed by Romney's economic ideas—47 percent rate his approach unfavorably, with just 35 percent in favor.

    While the five-month gap between now and Election Day is a proverbial eternity in politics, the survey highlights Obama's challenges as he pleads with struggling Americans to give him a second term. The president's arguments on the economy, fleshed out over scores of campaign events in the past few months, boil down to saying that the Great Recession was deeper than he anticipated, that his policies have helped turn things around, that he understands deep voter frustration over the stop-start nature of the recovery, and that Romney would return to the policies that helped cause the meltdown in the first place. The incumbent also aims to convince voters to view the election as a choice, rather than a referendum on his policies.

    Obama planned to deliver a speech on his economic policy Thursday in the critical battleground of Ohio. Officials have made clear that he won't unveil any major new proposals—and Democrats are increasingly grumbling that Republicans in Congress won't sign on to any White House proposals for tackling 8.2 percent unemployment before the election.

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  • Rob Portman and Mitt Romney (Charles Dharapak/AP)

    Amid ongoing speculation that Mitt Romney might choose Rob Portman to be his running mate, Ohians close to the Republican senator are bullish about the possibility that their favorite son could join a national ticket.

    Robert Bennett, the longtime chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, is one of them. For months, Bennett has lobbied Romney's campaign staffers to choose Portman, who he says would take "Ohio out of play."

    "I've done everything I could to put him in that position myself," Bennett told Yahoo News during a recent interview at the Republican National Committee headquarters. "I've talked to the Romney campaign."

    Bennett's pitch on Portman's behalf to the Romney campaign is four-fold:

    1. Ohio is a must-win state. Bennett contends that Portman would give Republicans a 3- to 5-point boost in Ohio, a crucial swing state that early indicators suggest will be closely divided in November. So far, however, recent polls show that a Romney-Portman ticket might not swing many votes in Ohio. While popular near his home in Cincinnati, Portman is still relatively unknown throughout other parts of the state.

    2. No surprises, no drama. Unlike certain recent running mate selections, Portman wouldn't spring many surprises on the GOP nominee. As a former congressman, a director of the Office of Budget and Management under George W. Bush, and a U.S. Trade Representative, Portman's life has been an open book for at least two decades. "He's been vetted two or three times for major executive positions in government," Bennett said.

    3. The perfect supporting player. Bennett argues that the low-key Portman would have no trouble -- unlike some of the other contenders the Romney campaign may be considering -- playing second fiddle to the party nominee. "He's not going to overshadow Romney," Bennett said. "He's very careful about that."

    4. An independent man. According to Bennett, Portman could appeal to independent voters who may be looking for an alternative to President Barack Obama. "He'll come across as very competent. If you're trying to reach independent voters in Ohio, which is a majority of our voters, those are people who study issues and candidates," he said. "If you're playing to the independents you need to bring competence into it."

    There's something else about Portman that makes him stand out, Bennett added: He's not a jerk.

    "You know, the problem with conservatives sometimes, they always talk like they're mean," Bennett said. "Have you ever noticed that? Conservatives are mean. They never have a smile on their face. Rob's not that way. Rob's a solid conservative, but he's not a nasty conservative."

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