Bachmann’s first ad calls her the ‘unifying choice’ to beat Obama

In her first TV ad of the 2012 campaign, Michele Bachmann unveils a new slogan, calling herself the "unifying choice" to beat President Obama next year.

The message appears at the end of a new 30-second spot, set to begin airing today in Iowa. The ad is heavy on biography, playing up Bachmann's roots in the state and her hometown of Waterloo. Describing herself as a "descendent of generations of Iowans," the Minnesota congresswoman touts her fiscal conservatism.

"As a mom of five, a foster parent, and a former tax lawyer, and now a small business job creator, I know we can't keep spending money that we don't have," she tells the camera. "That's why I fought against the wasteful bailout ... against the stimulus."

The spot ends with her pledge "not to vote to increase the debt ceiling."

You can watch the ad below, courtesy the Bachmann campaign:

The ad comes just weeks before next month's Iowa Straw Poll, an event that could be pivotal for Bachmann's campaign. A Des Moines Register poll released last month found her in second place behind Mitt Romney in the state--a position that offers her an opening since Romney has hinted he won't compete as hard in the state as he did four years ago.

Bachmann's decision to focus on economic issues in her first ad is not surprising, considering they are what's driving much of the current GOP primary debate. But in doing so, the GOP lawmaker is attempting to push back against one of the key talking points against her candidacy: That's she's too socially conservative or extreme to win the nomination and ultimately the general election.

Her argument that she can be a "unifying" force in the party is a blanket appeal to GOP primary voters who might ultimately choose their 2012 candidate based on electability rather than on issues.