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Biden on Healthcare and Medicare

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•       Biden called the passage of the Affordable Care Act (unknowingly on a live mic) a "big [expletive] deal."

•       He accuses Ryan of turning Medicare program into "vouchercare."

Fact check:

Biden often attacks the "Romney/Ryan plan" on Medicare, claiming it costs seniors an extra $6,400, he's attacking Ryan's old plan. notes that seniors would pay more than they would under traditional Medicare, somewhere around another $6,000.

However, unlike that plan—in which the growing spending on subsidies skidded to the rate of inflation— the new plan stipulates that premium support would always be enough to cover the two cheapest plans in the market.

At the moment, according to the CBO, it remains unclear about whether or not the new plan would incur greater costs to beneficiaries, and to what degree.

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