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Jon Huntsman’s strict focus on New Hampshire

Chris Moody
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Huntsman (Jim Cole/AP)

Former Utah governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman has held 100 public events in New Hampshire, the early-primary state that's been the main focus of his presidential campaign.

But even if he wins the state, comments like this won't help him get far anywhere outside of New England. AP has the story:

"We are working this state like no one else," the former Utah governor told several dozen New Hampshire voters gathered in the Portsmouth Elks Lodge Tuesday night. "I don't care what the rest of the country thinks or feels; that's not important. I do care about what the people of New Hampshire feel."

Speaking to reporters after the town hall, he clarified that he didn't mean to insult voters in other states.

"Of course I care what people think in the rest of the country. Specific to the poll numbers is what I was referring to," he said. "I don't care too much about where the polls are in the rest of the country."

As Yahoo News reported last month, Huntsman has struggled to gain traction and raise funds in New Hampshire despite his heavy campaign presence. According to survey averages compiled by Real Clear Politics, Huntsman is currently polling in fifth place in New Hampshire at about 6 percent.

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