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LAST TICKET: Meet the new members of Congress; Obama takes jobs bill on the road

Chris Moody, Yahoo News
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Obama touts jobs plan. (AP)

Here are the stories we took note of today but didn't give the full blog treatment:

• Obama promotes jobs bill on the road: "If you love me then you gotta help me pass this bill." (Examiner)

• What's exactly happened with the goverment's Solyndra loan? (The Lookout)

• Google hires Bush spokesman to reach out to GOP campaigns. (The Hill)

• Supreme Court Justice Ruth bader Ginsburg was in a plane that made an emergency landing. She rode the big evacuation slide. (The Atlantic)

• House votes to formally disapprove of debt ceiling hike. (Washington Post)

• Blue Dog Democrats--the ones that are still out there, anyway--are cool to Obama's jobs plan. (TPM)

• The Republican Party boasts an August fundraising record. (CNN)

• Meet the newest members of Congress. (National Journal)

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