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Nikki Haley doesn’t want to be VP

Holly Bailey
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Haley (Alice Keeney/AP)

Nikki Haley has been frequently mentioned as a possible running mate for the eventual 2012 Republican nominee, but the South Carolina governor says she wouldn't accept the job if asked.

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Haley said the party needs someone with a more extensive resume than she possesses.

"I've been in this job eight months. If we're going to look at a vice president, let's look at somebody who can bring a lot of experience to the table," Haley told CNN. "Let's look at somebody that can do more."

A tea party favorite, Haley was elected as South Carolina's first female governor last November. Since then, Haley has been floated by plenty of Republican hopefuls, including Mitt Romney, as someone who would make a good running mate.

Already, Haley is viewed as a crucial endorsement in the 2012 primary. In recent months, virtually every candidate in the race--including, most recently, Rick Perry--has met with the governor in hopes of securing her support.

Haley has not said when or if she will endorse.

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