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Obama raised more than $70 million for his re-election effort in third quarter

Holly Bailey, Yahoo News
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President Obama continues to seriously outraise his Republican rivals in campaign cash.

In an early morning email to supporters, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina announced the campaign had raised more than $70 million between July and September.

That total includes money raised for the Obama re-election campaign and a joint account set up between the campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

According to the Obama campaign, roughly $43 million went to president's re-election account while the another $27 million went to the joint fundraising committee at the DNC.

Not unlike its first FEC report, the campaign sought to play up its number of so-called small donors.

According to Messina, 606,027 people donated to the campaign in the three month period. Of the more than 766,000 donations, he said, 98 percent of that cash came in donations of $250 or less, with the average total at $56.

It's also still not clear if those numbers refer to just fundraising for Obama's re-election committee or if they also include donations to the joint DNC account, which can raise as much as $35,800 per person.

A spokesman for the Obama campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The overall total is less than the $86 million Obama raised for his re-election committee and the DNC between April and June. Obama officials had leaked word the president's fund-raising number would be lower than expected, but it actually surpassed the $55 million goal campaign aides had set for the period.

While Obama's Republican rivals have yet to file their reports with the FEC, Rick Perry's campaign says he raised $17 million between mid-August and September, while Mitt Romney reportedly took in roughly $14 million.

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