Occupy protesters interrupt Michele Bachmann speech in South Carolina

Michele Bachmann was forced off stage at a speech in South Carolina Thursday after a group of Occupy Charleston protesters swarmed the event and began shouting down the congresswoman.

The protest occurred as Bachmann was delivering a foreign policy speech aboard the USS Yorktown in Charleston.

"This will only take a minute," the two-dozen protesters shouted, using the "human microphone" technique that has become a symbol of the Occupy Wall Street protests. "You capitalize on dividing Americans…claiming people that disagree with you… are unpatriotic socialists… and you promote discrimination."

As the protesters shouted, Bachmann stood frozen on stage, unsure of what to do. Soon, police escorted her from the stage, as her own supporters began to shout down the protesters with chants of "USA! USA!"

The protesters left on the scene of their own accord, and Bachmann returned to the stage a few minutes later.

"Don't you love the First Amendment?" she said, per NBC's First Read.

You can watch the video here:

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