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Pro-Obama super PAC plans $30 million ad buy in the fall

Chris Moody, Yahoo News
The Ticket

The main super PAC supporting President Barack Obama's re-election bid, Priorities USA Action, has reserved $30 million in fall air time in six states, Yahoo News has confirmed.

The size of the ad buy indicates that the group, which has reported raising $20.7 million since it was founded by former White House aides in 2011, is expecting a major fundraising installment. The pro-Obama ads will run in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The group plans to buy airtime in all of the states except Pennsylvania in September, and will run ads there in October.

Priorities USA is also contributing to a Spanish-language ad campaign in partnership with the Service Employees International Union in Colorado, Florida and Nevada, and they plan to continue the effort.

While Obama's official campaign has more cash on hand than Romney's, swing-state spending among outside organizations supporting the Republican candidate is dwarfing the Democrats' efforts. Through super PACs and nonprofits, conservative groups have spent more than seven times as much on swing state ad campaigns as their liberal counterparts.

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