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Randy Newman releases parody tune ‘I’m Dreaming’

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Randy Newman, the Oscar-winning composer best known for such hits as "Short People" and "Sail Away" and his work on the "Toy Story" films, released a new politically charged tune this week. It's definitely not suitable for Pixar.

Newman's new song, "I'm Dreaming (of a White President)," is clearly a parody meant to call attention to racism, but not everybody sees the humor. Since being uploaded to YouTube, the clip has garnered comments—some positive, some not so much.

The song, which features lyrics such as "I'm dreaming of a white President, Just like the ones we've always had, A real live white man, Who knows the score, How to handle money or start a war, Wouldn't even have to tell me what we were fighting for," is wistfully sung to a tune reminiscent of "White Christmas."

While Newman's music plays, images and clips of past presidents come across the screen. Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, George Washington, Ronald Reagan and more (white) men. While different political parties are represented, it's worth noting that Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both recent Democratic presidents, don't make appearances.

Newman, who supports President Barack Obama, said in an interview on Monday that he does worry about backlash. "It's [the song] delicate enough that I'm not going to offend people every which way, but I wanted to get it right as best I could," he said. He has called racism "the great issue of this country."

Newman has made the song free to download.

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