Sen. Marco Rubio just finished paying off student loan debt

WASHINGTON--Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announced Tuesday that he had finally finished paying off his student loan debt this year using proceeds from sales of his autobiography.

Rubio was honored Tuesday night at the Jack Kemp Foundation Awards dinner, where he made a case for broad policy reform, including changes to the nation's education system.

"We need to reform our federal college grant and loan programs. To me college affordability is an issue that is very personal. Because the only reason why I was able to go to college--the only reason--was because of federal grants and loans. But when I graduated from law school, I had close to $150,000 in student debt," Rubio said after accepting the award. "That's a debt I just paid off just last year with the proceeds of my book 'An American Son,' the perfect holiday gift and available on Amazon for only $11.99."

As late as this summer, Rubio said he was one of the few members of Congress still paying off loans. The 41-year-old Republican senator graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in 1993 and received his law degree from the University of Miami in 1996.

According to his latest income disclosure form filed in 2010, Rubio still had between $100,001 to $250,000 in debt when he was elected.