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Your #sotu140: ‘Despite knowing “we can”, we haven’t’ … ‘Lots outta work’ … ‘Bin Laden? RIP’

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America, we're turning this over to you (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

On Monday, we asked members of the Twitterverse to sum up what they expect to hear during the State of the Union address in advance of Obama's Tuesday speech--in 140 characters or less. We collected a trove of responses, and below we've shared 10 of our favorites. There's still time for you to get in the game! Tweet your take on the health of the nation with the hashtag #sotu140.

Below, your take on the State of the Union:

I'm a true moderate, tough anti-terrorist, have no personal baggage, & no scary social agenda. But say it tough! @YahooTicket #sotu140

Lesley Pratt (@prattlt)

They left us in a big hole. We're digging out but not all the way there yet. Oval working, as are American people. We'll get there. #sotu140

Paul Swider (@swiderman)

Obama...Despite knowing "we can", we haven't. In spite of that "I'm, so in Love with you". #sotu140

Aaron Nickens (@nickensAaron)

Obama: "ask me how's the State of the Union." "How's the--" "Don't ask!" #sotu140

Jeff Greenfield (@greenfield64)

Alice went "to the supidist teaparty." The Republicans were all there. Bottoms up and out! #sotu140

Jo Procter (@jprocter)

Lots outta work. Owe $$ to China. None of my plans have worked. Yet, I will get reelected. #SOTU140

Brad Hope (@Brad_Hope)

Hey #tcot sounds fun huh? LOL!  #sotu140

Velvet Hammer (@velvethammer)

1000 days since we passed a budget. It is all Bush's fault. Let me be clear. I would rather B golfing right now. #sotu140 State of the Union

Penny C Lewis (@pennyclewis)

blah blah Tax the rich, blahblah, wahwah, Spend, blahblah, Raise the debt Ceiling, blahblah Its GOP fault, blahblah #SOTU140

Mommasaurus (@mommasaurus009)

Bin Laden? RIP. IraqWar? Ended. Stock market? Up. Corp. profits? Record levels. Economy? 3% growth 4th qtr/853K jobs 2nd half '11 #sotu140

Lisa (@thecitizeNY)

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